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Welcome to Motiv8 Dance

Why the change you might be wondering? 

If the last 2 years has taught us anything, our dance family and giving back to our community is everything to us. Moving our studio in a different direction is going to allow us to embrace the wider dance community in Victoria and Australia whilst also bringing our studio and you a wider range of opportunities to support the industry as a whole. Backed by our incredible team of staff, we can assure you that Motiv8 Dance will be everything you love - only better.

MOST IMPORTANTLY - our Studio will continue to be your 'happy place'  Classes, socials, events and all of the fun will most definitely continue. Read on to learn more...

Fancy Dance Shoes

Will Achievement Awards still be done?
Achievement Awards will now be known as Medal Awards. A brand new, tailor
made syllabus for a new medal award program has been developed by our very own
Damian Tham. We will still have Bronze through to Silver Bar and then following
through to Gold and Higher.

Do I have to start from Bronze all over again?
Absolutely not. You can pick up from wherever you left off. There are no rules here
– however – we highly recommend going back a level or two if you want. Don’t
consider this a step back in your dancing! Consider it an opportunity to really
embrace some fantastic choreography that you wouldn’t have had come across
before. Trying something new is also terrific if you are stuck in a rut with your
dancing, there have been no classes available and you are bored.

Do I have to dance for a Medal Award at the end of a term?
The most important thing to us is that you enjoy your dancing. If that end of term
assessment is not something you want to do, that’s completely fine.

Can I just dance at the Socials?
Of course! Nothing has changed here. Our door is always open to everyone wanting
to come in and dance at our socials.

I am a Member – what happens to my Membership?
If you would like to stay dancing with Motiv8 Dance, we would love to have you! 
Whether you are currently on Time Freeze or an Active Member we will be
honouring your current membership rates in the new business for 2022.  As a
'Foundation Member'  3 x 1/2 price private lessons will be included and some new
Merch to say thanks.
Please note:  As part of our big change, our previous Mindbody database has been
rolled into a brand new Mindbody platform which will go live over the next week.  All
current membership payments are currently on Time Freeze for the Christmas Break

and will re-activate on Monday 3rd January 2022 unless a previous time freeze has
been organised. If you are staying on, and you need to extend that Time Freeze by a
couple of weeks, please let us know ASAP.
If you were a member and would like to re-join to enjoy the “Foundation Member”
bonuses for 2022 and get back into your dancing with a fresh new start – Send us an
email to before the 1st January 2022 and we can set
everything up for you to start dancing when you would like in the New Year.

No longer wish to be a member?
While we absolutely want you to continue dancing with us, if you would rather not,
we will miss you!  Send us an email to and we'll organise
a cancellation form to be sent out to you.

What to do next?
After you have a look around our new website - don’t forget to like us on Facebook
@Motiv8DanceAustralia and give us a follow on Instagram
Download the Mindbody App on your phone (if you haven’t already) and find Motiv8
Dance and click the heart to mark us as a favourite. If it isn’t live yet, keep coming
back to have a look. We aren’t far off.

We love our studio, we strongly believe we have some of the best teachers around,
and have a community of clients that are more like family than customers. We have
really enjoyed having you as part of our family, and would love you to come on this
trip with us. It will be fun, we promise.

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