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The Motiv8 Dance Story

Over the years, we have been very privileged to hear countless people’s stories about why they have started dancing.  Whether it’s a ‘bucket list’ item, a way of improving mental health and fitness, socialisation…or even a way to deal with adversity or grief – everyone has a story.  Every Principal and teacher at Motiv8 Dance has a story too, and a reason why we came to love our time on the floor as well.


Motiv8 Dance is, and always has been, about the love of dance - and that emotional connection you can experience in the moment you find synergy between the music and movement.  Whether we are guiding kids through their first steps, building confidence in our teenage students, leading adults onto the floor for a gold performance, or assisting people with special needs and different abilities to experience the joy of dancing – at some point, we all feel the magic that dance can bring to our lives.


Our Principals and Teachers come from all walks of life, and are made up of full time dancers, scientists, managers, salespeople, front line workers, retirees and many other professions. Collectively it’s their passion, their love for dancing and their genuine care that they bring to every client each week, that makes Motiv8 Dance a truly welcoming place to be.


Our motto at Motiv8 Dance is – You Should Be Dancing,  and we hope to see you all on the dance floor very soon.

Photo Credit:

Stephanie Daives Photography

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